Milkweed Market was created by Opportunity Development Centers, Inc. (ODC) as a business with a mission: to empower people with disabilities to achieve their work and life goals. In many cultures around the world, milkweed is a symbol of growth and transformation; it is a reflection of ODC’s goal to facilitate growth and positive transformation in the lives of people with disabilities.

At ODC, we envision communities strengthened and enriched by the abilities and contributions of all members. We work to build inclusive communities where people with disabilities contribute as neighbors, friends, co-workers, volunteers and citizens by providing skills training and employment services, and assistance in becoming more active in their communities. All Milkweed Market proceeds help to ensure that ODC can continue to provide these valuable services to those who need them.

Milkweed Market embraces diversity, uniqueness and inclusion in all that we do, ensuring that people at all levels of ability are involved in the design, creation, labeling and packaging of our products. Each Milkweed Market creation is handcrafted, so slight variances in color and grain are a part of their remarkable character.

Welcome to the Milkweed Market family! For more information about ODC, please visit our website at www.odcinc.com.