Meet the Team


Meet David

David is someone that’s hard to forget! His positive attitude shines through day in and day out. David is often the first to greet newcomers, as he loves connecting with people. With this purchase, you have helped David and other hardworking, capable people with disabilities gain skills, earn a paycheck and follow their dreams! Thank you!


Meet Linda

Linda is a seasoned professional, and she’s been a part of the Milkweed Market team since its inception. Her attention to detail is second to none, but she’s never too busy to greet you with a smile. With this purchase, you have given Linda and other people with disabilities a sense of accomplishment and pride in their work. Thank you!


Meet Mark

Mark has been a vital part of ODC’s team for over 30 years. He is the ultimate jack-of-all-trades, always willing to learn something new. He’s creative and full of bright ideas! With this purchase, you have put Mark and other people with disabilities to work learning a craft and gaining confidence along the way. Thank you!


Meet Megan

Megan is full of life. She will be sure to ask you about your cats, since they’re her favorite furry friends. Her playful sense of humor is contagious, but does not interfere with her focus and determination to paint to perfection. With this purchase, you have helped Megan and other people with disabilities improve focus and concentration, and increase self-esteem. Thank you!


From the idea stage to fulfillment and everything in between, this group does it all! Stop in to visit with our Milkweed Market team. Back row (L to R): Vicky, Denise and Toni; Front row (L to R): Jean, Nikki, Callie and Ed